Rose Divecha lives in Burlington, Ontario with her husband Rob, two children, Harrison and Megan and dog Bailey. In July 2005, they visited Pelee Island for the first time and were soon returning to the laid back island in the middle of Lake Erie. Drawn to its remoteness and its “stuck in time” feeling, it wasn’t long before they purchased a property. Suddenly the proud owners of a one room schoolhouse, the experiences that followed together with the moments of laughter, frustration and learning formed the stories that inspired Rose to start this blog.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Ah, you’re part of the Schoolhouse Family! We’ve met before on the boat, I do believe. Lovely to find your blog, Rose, and another person in love with (at least on of the) Great Lakes islands!


    1. Hi Shannon, thank you for the kind compliment, reading my blog and of course, the nominations! (Leibster and Versatile) This blogging world is still fairly new to me, so I was pleasantly surprised. Keep reading, I hope to acknowledge both in an upcoming post. Thanks again!


  2. Hi Rose! Love your blog! So funny! This is my Sunday morning reading! You’ve inspired me into perhaps starting a blog in my “retirement” about my own cottage community, Turkey Point. “Let’s Talk Turkey”.


    1. That’s great Carie – I LOVE IT! There’s a lot of us Lake Erie lovers out there! Do it! And as always, thanks for reading. So glad I’m your Sunday morning read 😊


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