In July 2005 Rose Divecha, her husband Rob, two children, Harrison and Megan and dog Bailey visited Pelee Island for the first time. They were soon returning to the laid back island in the middle of Lake Erie. Drawn to its remoteness and its “stuck in time” feeling, it wasn’t long before they purchased a property. Suddenly the proud owners of a one room schoolhouse, the experiences that followed together with the moments of laughter, frustration and learning formed the stories that inspired Rose to start this blog.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Ah, you’re part of the Schoolhouse Family! We’ve met before on the boat, I do believe. Lovely to find your blog, Rose, and another person in love with (at least on of the) Great Lakes islands!


    1. Hi Shannon, thank you for the kind compliment, reading my blog and of course, the nominations! (Leibster and Versatile) This blogging world is still fairly new to me, so I was pleasantly surprised. Keep reading, I hope to acknowledge both in an upcoming post. Thanks again!


  2. Hi Rose! Love your blog! So funny! This is my Sunday morning reading! You’ve inspired me into perhaps starting a blog in my “retirement” about my own cottage community, Turkey Point. “Let’s Talk Turkey”.


    1. That’s great Carie – I LOVE IT! There’s a lot of us Lake Erie lovers out there! Do it! And as always, thanks for reading. So glad I’m your Sunday morning read 😊


  3. Hi Rose
    My husband and I are from near London ont …we have been to pelee once and fell in love instantly and have plans to return next month
    Anyway we are still quite new to pelee though and while buying a cottage is a definite possibility
    I wonder if you could shed some light on good spots ( although I never noticed a bad spot on the island lol) but just tips to island life and things we might need to know to be careful of ect
    I love your blog and may find all my answers as I read on but really enjoy it great reading 🙂
    Thanks so much and I hope you get those awards you’ve been nominated for …best


    1. Hi Julie, so glad you enjoy Pelee as much as I do and thanks for your kind comments! I am definitely happy to share some details with you and will direct them to your email. Thanks for reading!


  4. Hi Rose, My husband and I also fell in love with Pelee this summer. We were told you don’t chose Pelee, Pelee picks you. As Julie, we planning on looking at properties. I too would appreciate what inside info you could share with us about island life. Trying to get as much info and different perspectives of the island. So pleased I came across your blog. Thanks. Marg


    1. Hi Marg, so happy you’ve discovered Pelee Island and enjoy it as much as we do. I’d be happy to share my perspective. Please email me direct rosedivecha@icloud.com and I will respond. If you haven’t already, read my post “My god…what have we done?” It outlines some of the challenges we first encountered getting to the Island. Also check out the township’s website at http://www.pelee.org
      Best of luck with the property search…who knows, maybe we’ll meet one day! Thanks for reading! Rose


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