Thanks for the Memories

I wish I could say we spent every waking moment on Pelee Island this summer. Sadly, I cannot. But what I can say is the time we have spent has been memorable. That is what Pelee has been for us, a series of memory making moments. Countless hours on the beach, collecting beach glass, spotting herons. Parades, cook-offs and concerts. Friends and family and watching my children grow.

It’s been a different kind of summer this year, one with lots of changes and unexpected turns. It’s made me stop and reflect, look forward and let go. It’s made me appreciate my time spent on Pelee all the more so. And while I continue to get my mainland life in order, I know Pelee Island will always be there for me, a cocktail on the ready and new memories to be made.

Family Pelee Pic

So until then, if you haven’t done so, please read a few of my favorite recollections…

My God…What Have We Done?
Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom
Making Waves
The Habanero Pepper Incident
No News is Good News
It’s All in How You Look at It


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