A Spring in My Step

Ah, spring. Clocks moved forward, smoke alarms tested, and our first voyages of the upcoming 2017 season reserved.

Getting to Pelee Island isn’t always convenient. Between work, the kids’ calendars, the ferry schedule and the weather, I’m sometimes surprised we get there at all. And yet, we persist. We couldn’t imagine not going. The planning has become as natural as a spring rain, and just as the first Robin sighting signals the return of the season, so too does booking our first ferry crossing to the Island. The anticipation of warm weather and carefree days fills me as I pick up the phone and dial the toll-free number to a little bit of bliss…I can feel the sun on my face already…


Harrison aboard the M.V. Pelee Islander, during one of our first voyages of seasons past.


5 thoughts on “A Spring in My Step

  1. Yes! I know that feeling, Rose! I almost forgot to make that all-important call three weeks ago. Thought we’d be going over for the first time on the third weekend in April, but looks like it may be later. Let’s plan to get together on the island some weekend when we’re both over, shall we?


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