Just to Toot My Own Horn

I’ve never encountered road rage on Pelee Island. There is no traffic. There are no stop lights. Many roads aren’t even paved. The only hand gesture you’ll encounter is a wave. (read Have We Met? if you haven’t already) Not to say there haven’t been encounters. There probably have been. But I kind of doubt it.

In recent weeks, my husband and I both had, on separate instances, less than positive encounters with fellow drivers on the streets of our middle class, suburban neighbourhood.

My husband’s experience involved a young lady who felt he should risk being t-boned in an intersection so that she, and her busy life, could make it through the light behind him. She then proceeded to pass him, gesturing rudely. No, she didn’t flip him the bird…

My personal experience included almost being run off the road by a jacked- up pick- up truck, who presumably couldn’t see me in his blind spot. I honked my horn to let him know I was there but was quickly admonished with yet again another crude hand gesture.

When did flipping the bird become passé?

So in a gesture of another kind, I’d like to say a big thank you to Shannon H. writer of Adventures In Thirty Something for nominating me for both The Liebster Award and The Versatile Blogger Award. Both awards are generated by the blogging community and aimed at promoting fellow bloggers. Check out what Shannon is writing about along with some of my other favourites – and tell them I say hi. Toot toot.

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