Good Bye Sweet Summer

Call me crazy but I’ve had enough of summer. Bring on the chilly evenings, cozy sweaters and fall foliage. Heck, even set the clocks back. I’m ready for autumn.

We Canadians so look forward to our summers; time spent at the cottage, flip flops, the ice cream truck, no snow to shovel…but come the end of August and I’m done with it; the heat, the humidity, the sunscreen, and yes, even the ice cream truck with its incessantly sweet music heard from a mile away. I can never seem to resist its siren call and soon find myself standing before the truck’s open window pondering all the sweet choices, Nutty Buddies, Rockets, Snow Cones and Creamsicles. Inevitably, I always settle on my favourite, never straying too far from a soft vanilla cone with sprinkles.

This October, my husband Rob and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage. We’ve spent the past year considering how we should commemorate this special milestone. We started with very grand ideas and have slowly scaled back, from Europe to the Southern States to an all-inclusive beach resort. Why were we finding this decision so difficult? We’ve finally agreed on someplace much closer to home – a few days in the country, a few days in a quaint town – where we will be pampered at a spa, take in a theatre production and stroll city streets and woodland trails covered in crunchy fallen leaves. We realized Ontario, in all its fall glory, is exactly what we want. Vanilla with sprinkles? Yes perhaps, but still sweet.

ice cream 7


3 thoughts on “Good Bye Sweet Summer

  1. Hi Rose. As always, I love your little viniettes. And I’m also done with summer. It’s September 23 and the A/C is still humming away fighting heat and humidity. Enough already! Like you, I’m really looking forward to fall when I can enjoy a bike ride without bringing along an oxygen tank and portable ice chest.

    I can’t wait for my vacation in the NY Catskills, were I’ll be sipping good wine overlooking all the hills of brilliant colour (or fog and rain as the weather is the luck of the draw)

    Either way, I’ll raise my glass and toast your 25th Anniversay and settle into some more blog reading. Cheers, c.


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