The Show Must Go On

“Does anyone have some bug spray?” he paused between sets to ask the crowd.

We laughed warm heartedly. Not the usual banter spoken by musicians to their audience. We were watching Dave Russell and (one of) The Precious Stones perform at the Pelee Island Winery Pavilion, when the setting sun brought with it the usual onslaught of biting mosquitoes. Not so easy to play the guitar while you’re swatting at blood sucking insects.

“Oh, and cigarettes and batteries?” he added, “We didn’t know you can’t buy those here.”

Amidst more laughter, spectators reached into beach bags and raced to their cars to oblige. A few sprays later and the concert was able to continue for a short while longer before the bugs finally won.

You can see Dave Russell and The Precious Stones perform this weekend, along with numerous other musicians, at the 3rd annual Island Unplugged Music Festival. Check it out if you can. Just remember to pack your bug spray.                                          




2 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On

  1. No mosquitoes to speak of here in North Central Ohio this summer because of the mild (getting worse) drought. With all the standing water on Pelee, I’d imagine that’s a constant problem.


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