Look – a Heron!

Hearing that I own a cottage on Pelee Island, a lot of people ask me if I’m a birder. My quick answer is no. I have nothing against birds. In fact, I love them. I just know nothing about them. I’d like to know more. I mean, I can distinguish a Robin from a Cardinal or a Turkey Vulture from a Turkey but that’s about the extent of it. Oh, and I know what a Great Blue Heron looks like. I always get such a thrill from spotting one (or two or three) along the shoreline or flying overhead. My kids always indulge my cries of, “Look – a heron!” by taking a moment to look in the general direction in which I’m pointing. Their response is usually, “Oh yeah…”

I guess ten years of back and forth to Pelee has made spotting Herons commonplace. I suppose it amounts to the equivalent of me being at my home in Burlington and yelling, “Look kids, a robin!” Which for the record, I never do…okay maybe just in spring when I spot the first ones of the season…


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