A Definite High Point

We’ve met a lot of people in our years travelling to and from Pelee Island. Sometimes our encounters are brief, the length of the ferry ride. Striking up conversations on the 1 ½ hour boat ride across to the Island helps pass the time. Other times, people wander up to our schoolhouse, impressed by its architecture and curious of its history. That was the case with Ben Lostraco and his wife, Rose.

I’d never heard of Peak Baggers. Ben was quick to tell us all about this group of individuals that strive to reach various high points around the world. Their peak ascents are planned, and successful summits are logged, on the website http://www.peakbaggers.com. The goal being, to reach as many peaks as possible, the higher or the more exotic, the better. That particular summer, Ben was sticking close to home and decided to ascend the high points of Windsor-Essex.

We laughed when Ben told us Pelee Island’s high point was located just behind our summer home.

“Really?” I asked, looking around at the pancake flat that is Pelee Island.

“Really!” He replied. “It might be a small peak but it’s a high point none the less.”

My thoughts exactly.


Read Ben’s Ascent of Pelee Island at



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