Rock On

rocking chair1We listen to a lot of music on our way to and from Pelee Island. A three hour journey from door to dock, we listen to our favorite radio stations until static reception forces us to search the airwaves. An eclectic mix can be found along that stretch of the 401 highway, from Gospel to Country to Rap and Rock. Sometimes it’s the Detroit radio stations that suit our particular mood, other times, the stories of CBC’s Stuart McLean entertain us and help to shorten our repetitive journey. But if asked what my favorite genre of music is, I’d have to say Classic Rock. My children have long ago accepted that and dare I say, even learned to appreciate much of it.

Driving in the car today, this Classic Rock song by Trooper came on the radio:

Here they come
The boys in the bright white sports car
Waving their arms in the air
Who do they think they are?
And where did they get that car?

Profoundly moving prose, I know. If you know the song I’m referring to, then you know the remaining lyrics only go downhill from there. And yet, I cranked up the volume.

Released in 1976, it was just one of the Classic Rock ballads that flowed from my childhood radio and straight into my musical psyche; the songs of Led Zepplin, Styx, Boston, Pink Floyd and Kansas, every lyric imbedded into my memory. But I have to wonder, will I still be rocking out when I’m eighty?

It dawned on me recently. I belong to a generation whose music is actually harder, and some might not agree, more progressive than the generation that has come after. Okay, there was Rap and Punk Rock, but for the most part, the pop tunes that make up today’s Top 40, haven’t really changed in sound all that much from what I was listening to in the eighties.

Walk into a Senior’s Retirement home now, and you may hear songs from decades past playing on the sound system. Does this mean my generation will have classic guitar rifts and drum solos blaring, in an effort to connect us to our past? And if so, will my children still come to visit me? I can only hope.

La la la la,
La la la la la


2 thoughts on “Rock On

  1. Lol Rose, I have asked myself those very same questions about what will my musical taste be when I’m 80. To answer your question, I think it it would be yes, and if the powers that be allow, I hope I’m still able to rock a motorcycle at that age too 🙂


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