This Just In…


It’s funny what people consider news. I spent one whole summer on Pelee Island listening to the constant news reports surrounding the return of LeBron James to Cleveland. Only receiving three American television stations through our TV antennae, I had no idea what was going on in the rest of the world. But I knew LeBron was going home. Thank goodness.

Luckily for me, there’s another source of news I turn to, on and off the Island – The Pelee Grapevine. A reliable source of information regarding all things Pelee, it’s more of a community bulletin board than a newspaper. Usually three to four pages in length, you’ll find the Island’s version of newsworthy articles; anything from who’s won the annual award for the best Christmas light display (basically everyone) to what the school children plan to do over summer vacation. (They get a whole page to themselves.) There’s always someone trying to sell a boat or fridge or tractor. Not riveting news I know but I do read it cover to cover. I like to know what I’m missing when I’m not on the Island; Friday Legion lunches, orders for cookie trays and notices from the Township office. I also look forward to the year ahead and dates posted for our annual Island events such as, The Island Unplugged Music Festival, The Winery 1/2 Marathon, The Artworks Studio Tour and the one I vow to participate in every year and have yet to do so – owl banding at The Pelee Island Bird Observatory, just to name a few.

Available in digital or hard copy, The Grapevine is compiled, assembled and distributed by Shirley. In her time off from managing the local LCBO, Shirley takes peoples’ submissions for advertisements, announcements and the occasional “letter to the editor.” (Usually written by Zane, the Island’s oldest resident with an opinion.) Sometimes she includes a recipe or quote of the day or a cartoon relevant to the issues of Island living. Receiving my emailed copy always makes me feel connected to the community and unlike the mostly unsettling news that fills my mainland mind, Pelee’s news always makes me smile. Not bad for fifty cents a copy.


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