All I Want for Christmas…

I’m looking forward to the upcoming holidays and time spent with family and friends. I’m equally looking forward to days spent in jammies, sipping hot chocolate and nibbling on Christmas treats. Perhaps sometime over the break I’ll convince one of my family members to join me in a game of Scrabble. It’s one of my favorite board games. It’s a constant at the cottage. I can play morning, noon and night and I’m always looking for a worthy opponent. I’m happy to say my kids, over the past few years, have become just that.

Rob and I first started playing Scrabble with the kids in pairs. They were soon carrying their own, small words at first but progressing constantly. I think Rob was happy when I finally had someone else besides him to challenge to a match. It was always more my game than his.

While Megan loves language and using up all her letters, for Harrison it’s all about strategy – adding a suffix to an existing word or making two words on a triple word score. He’s not out to use all his letters but he is out to get the highest score.

So during one recent game when he laid down the word “toot” for very few points I was quietly disappointed.

“Really?!” I thought to myself, “No vocabulary or strategy?! Perhaps he’s getting tired of constantly playing this word game with me. He’s obviously not trying.”

I looked at Harrison. He was smiling.

“Toot. How juvenile.” I thought.

“Toot.” said Harrison looking at the tiles he had just laid down, “It’s an onomatopoeia.”

My faith restored.

scrabble xmas



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