Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Owning a century old schoolhouse where an untimely death has occurred, many people ask me,

“Is it haunted?”

I don’t usually have a quick response. I have no fear or apprehension there. In fact, I feel quite at peace. Perhaps when we first purchased the schoolhouse the property felt a bit sad, after all a little girl did perish in a fire there. (Refer back to my post School Daze for the complete history) I like to think our moving in with small children brought some happiness back to the property and any lingering energy of its first inhabitants.

Of course there have been times when doors have inexplicably opened and pictures have fallen off walls but those times are few and far between. Once while out on a walk, I even heard crying in the woods. Convinced it was my daughter I returned home only to find her happily skipping down the driveway towards me.

So, is it haunted? I can’t really say for sure. I just know its history makes for a good ghost story.





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