It’s a Dog’s Life

I think Bailey’s happy to be home from his nine week vacation on Pelee Island. Don’t get me wrong, he loves the freedom he has there but as they say, with great freedom comes great responsibility…wait, I don’t think anyone actually ever said that. But being part Collie, Bailey can’t help but feel responsible for anything that moves on the property. He keeps careful watch from atop the porch, quick to chase away any wild turkeys or the occasional feral cat. The snakes for some reason are a different story, those he could watch for hours.

With a constant eye to the clearing that marks the entrance to our yard, he lets out a cautionary “woof” to anyone that passes. Last year he nearly caught up with an unsuspecting cyclist who made the mistake of coming too close to the property line. Fun times for a Collie/Retriever, perhaps not so fun for the cyclist.


Bailey’s not an easy dog. I quite often refer to him as my third child; the one I give in to; the one I have very little energy for; the one who gets away with things I would never let the other two get away with. He has a list of neurosis we deal with on a regular basis which in turn has taught us for example, never to approach him with items such as, Velcro, pop cans, socks or umbrellas, unless we want to see him run and hide.


Unfortunately, over the years, the Island ferry has become one of those anxiety inducing experiences for him. All his bravado is quickly lost upon pulling up to the ferry dock. While other dogs aboard lounge on the deck, snacking on doggie treats, Bailey sits shaking for the entire 1 ½ hour boat ride until we are safely back in port. Luckily for us, he’s okay with car rides…



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