No News is Good News

As summer winds to an end so does Harrison’s job on Pelee Island. For the past two summers he has been very fortunate to find a job that combines his love of nature and the outdoors with his love of Pelee. As we have come and gone off the Island, Harrison has remained on his own with only our dog Bailey for company. Great life experience, we hope, as he prepares to leave for college this coming September.

Sometimes Harrison has friends come to visit. On those occasions, our rules are simple; don’t put the truck in the lake and don’t burn the house down. We figure he’s eighteen and the less we know the better, although he and his buddies are pretty level-headed.

Just before one recent visit, promising not to continually check up on them, I told Harrison I would assume “no news is good news”. In an age when we are constantly connected to one another, this expression was lost on him. “What do you mean?” he asked. I proceeded to tell him that way back, long, long ago, people would actually travel half way around the world without so much as a phone call back home. People had to assume all was well if they didn’t hear from you. Contemplating this, he seemed to like that idea.

The past couple of summers have been good in teaching both of us a lot. For me, the lesson has been in learning to let go of my son, little by little. In just a few days, we will be bringing Harrison up to Sault Ste. Marie where he will begin his studies in Forestry. I know over the next couple of years, as he experiences life as he chooses, there will be many times when he doesn’t respond to a text or call home as he promised and on those occasions, I will have to once again assume no news is good news.


Harrison then (2006) with some newly found fossils.


Harrison now (2015) after another encounter with poison ivy.


4 thoughts on “No News is Good News

  1. Rose, I am loving your blog. You are so eloquent! Your last post brought tears to my eyes as we, too, will be leaving Cameron at school in just a few short days.
    Keep on writing, my friend!


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