Oh Canada…

You can feel the excitement in the air as lawn chairs are lined up along the side of the road. The annual Canada Day parade is just about to start. It’s a big deal here on Pelee Island. Even more so to us this year because Megan has been asked to walk in the parade with the folks from The Pelee Island Music Series.

Harrison has just come out from his job at The Pelee Island Heritage Centre to join us. Unable to ignore his rumbling stomach he polishes off an apple as we wait. Core in hand he walks to the water’s edge and hurls it into the lake.

“Did you just litter?!” The audible twang told us she was American before we turned and looked at her.

“It’s an apple core” I told her “besides, my son has to clean the beaches. He’d hardly be the one to toss litter!”

She did apologize and no offense was taken. We are all so protective of our Island. Every year there is a big shore clean up on Pelee as there is in many towns across Ontario. And every year so much debris is collected. Some of it, such as plastic bait containers, is thrown off the sides of fishing boats. Other items float across Lake Erie on the current or trapped in ice. One of the most frequent offenders is the dreaded cellophane balloon. Who would guess that an item purchased on the mainland and often released into the sky in an act of sorrow or joy or survival only ends up littering our sandy beaches? On those occasions I wonder how many people stop to ask,

“Did you just litter?!”


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